When Venus enters the sign of Aries, you enter the sphere of love through passion and adventure. You move boldly towards the object of our desire like a moth to a flame. Aries is the confident warrior who moves fearlessly. Your courage is seductive, your energy, magnetizing. Love can be seen as a conquest. You embody the element of fire who seeks to ignite the physical chemistry within the attraction. How long will your fire burn? Venus in Aries may begin with enthusiasm and heat but if monotony sets in, may yearn for a new adventure. A long term partner must keep you on your toes, be willing to take risks and live life with spontaneity. A long term partner must be able to challenge your warrior essence while also letting you take the lead as your passions move with instinctual impulsivity. You seek someone who is a champion of your mission, a playmate who is up for having fun yet down for the cause and can keep up in whatever battle you choose to take on.

Keywords: Passion, Physical Touch, Healthy Competition, Adventure, Mission Based, Excitement, Impulsivity, Youthful nature, Warrior Spirit

In creative projects, this is the energy of the entrepreneur and pioneer. You start things with such courageous spirit and will need to build a team in order to keep the project in motion while you are onto your next conquest. You need some earthy, routine type people in your life to ground this vision and build the campfire around your bright flame. You must release pressure, anxiety or overwhelm though physical movement. Boxing, martial arts, hot vinyasa, dance, sex, and any physical activity that causes you to burn off the excess energy surging through your body is essential to come back to neutral.

Body Astrology Pro Tip: Aries is associated the head. Your face is probably a 10/10 aesthetically. Flawless bone structure. You may benefit from facials, head massages, releasing pressure from different pressure points in the face, skull and neck.

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