Pisces Energy

Pisces Season

Dates:   February 19 – March 20

Element: Water

Symbol: Two Fish

Modality: Mutable – changes the season – traits of adaptability

Planet: Neptune – Planet of Dreams, Illusions, Fantasy, Spirituality, Beyond the Physical plane

Lucky Stone (not to be confused with birthstone): Aquamarine

Pisces Positive Traits: Empathetic, Artistic Genius, Imaginative, Connected, Intuitive, Spiritual, Dreamy, Boundlessly Loving, Unconditionally generous, patient, humble, caring, kind, understanding

Traits for Pisces to be mindful of: Impressionable, elusive, escapist tendencies, overly emotional, delicate, needing structure, needing boundaries, imbalanced 

Here’s what Pisces should avoid this season: 

Pisces should avoid getting lost in the illusions of their fantastical ideas or escaping too far away from reality. Steer clear of over emphasizing the use of escapist methods like drugs and alcohol, or any addictive behavior that sparks the ability to become cast away from reality. 

  • When seeking a more existential experience, turn to deep breathing, yoga, meditation and connecting to nature
  • Find the delicate balance between getting lost and getting inspired 
  • Put a boundary on the amount of time spent in imagination so you can put a plan based in reality to bring your idea to life or to others to promote healing and connection

Pisces is the ultimate healer and meant to heal the self and other on a deep spiritual level. Pisces shows us how we are made of pure love and are meant to be vessels of light who help each other see the light within. The 70’s age is a classic Piscean movement. “Hugs not Drugs” “Make love not war” These are Piscean methodologies that our world is craving. 

Pisces is a HIGHLY feeling energy. Represented by the fish swimming in opposite directions; one towards the plane of reality the other towards the spiritual plane, Piscean energy runs a slippery slope between the line of mistaking our pains for reasons to escape, hide and look to addictive behaviors to not “feel”. Pisces are meant to transmute pain into love like a divine water alchemist.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. This is where the energy of the cosmos goes to have its final ending and be reborn in the sign of Aries. This lends reasoning to why Pisces energy can be chameleonesque and take on the thoughts, hurts, personalities of others by feeling into another’s energy field. Pisces has quite literally experienced every cycle of the zodiac and is born to bring us back to the mantra “I am a creation of love and light from Source”

To balance this frequency of the spiritual gifts expressed, the Virgo Full Moon reminds us we are also living, breathing organisms living in the 3D world of Earth and must take practical care of our bodies, projects and daily living. The virgo moon on February 27, 2021 will remind us to reinstate (HEAL)th: Physical and spiritual health and healing. 

Things to Do Under this energy:

  • Get Sufficient Rest – take a nap – when you are tired, surrender and sleep
  • Don’t OVER do escapist things – netflix, drugs, alcohol, addictive behaviors 
  • Meditate, Develop a prayer of love to yourself “I am a vessel of love” “I am a source of light having a physical experience” “I take care of my healing through taking care of my health”
  • Take a shower – get near water!
  • Do things that inspire you 
  • Have a conversation with your imagination
  • Get in touch with music, frequency, vibration, rhythm 
  • Watch a movie that makes you feel good
  • Eat clean, drink clean, flush out toxins to cleanse your aura and body
  • Show yourself the compassion you have shown others

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