When Venus enters the sign of Scorpio, you enter the sphere of love through depth, intensity and power. You know the depth of your love, so you like to take your time and remain as observant as possible until your intuition tells you its time to pounce. You have this seductive air of mystery swirling through your aura. You keep things to yourself, and others sense this. They want to know more. But you are not one to surrender such information about yourself, you want to know as much as you can about the other person first. You do have a sixth sense. Keen observation mixed with intuition has given you the gift of insight. It’s also important to allow people to show you who they are and be mindful of assuming you know based off of observations from former lovers or situations. We deserve innocence before being proven guilty. You want to protect your heart because you love hard and your passionate devotion is life or death. Just remember that the laws of karma are always eventually balanced out, so no need to waste your precious time and energy trying to insert yourself into doing that job. Instead, plug those intense emotions into writing poetry, burning it out in the gym or plugging yourself into work. 

You are a very sexual being but enjoy to share intimacy when there is a true bond. You desire the same level of commitment you are willing to give and want to know the ins and outs of a person, what makes them tick. Trust is your love language. When you trust someone, you become the phoenix who rises from any previous relationship wound ashes and create transformative magic together. Once you commit yourself in love, you are all in and will have a passionate love affair and build great wealth with your partner.

 You are this incredible combination of sex appeal, magnetism, mysticism, intelligence and power. You can gain abundance through realms of investing, working with people’s money, detective work, research, psychology, counseling, social work and rehabilitation healing. You are the rare sign in the zodiac that understands extremes and aren’t afraid of it. To master the shadow piece of life is to ultimately find our greatest healing and transcendence.

Body Astrology Protip: Scorpio is associated with the sex organs and reproductive system. Sexual release is healthy for you as long as it is not being used as a means to feel in control or more powerful. Get your organs checked yearly. Prostate exams, trips to the gynecologist and having an energetic cleansing ritual between sexual partners. Remember that sexual energy is creative energy. You can create anything you put your deep mind to.


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