When Venus enters the sign of Libra, you enter the sphere of love through beautiful harmony. Libra is the energy of the zodiac most closely associated with partnership and connection. You are a natural charming soul who brings positive vibes to any situation. This is a very “chill” place for Venus because this energy is all about keeping the peace and enhancing satisfaction. You literally wake up looking like a million bucks. Aesthetics is your second nature. Wherever you go, you seem to add a touch of delight like a beautiful bouquet adds to any room. You’re able to flirt with life and engage in the creative things you enjoy. You thrive in relationships of all kinds. From friendships and love relationships to work connections, you like bouncing off of others and having that companionship. You have a sweetness about you that is irresistible to others. 

Because you represent harmony and balance, this also ties justice into the mix. You are very even tempered and diplomatic in your approach. More reason for your like ability is that people can trust you aren’t going to bring messy chaos but instead try to be the peacemaker to create fairness. As an air sign, your intellect is sharp and you communicate with charisma. If anyone is going to convince a stubborn person to budge, it would be you. Your energy is also naturally gifted in artistic realms like fashion, photography, decor and modeling. You are a muse in itself. Walking, talking art. 

Because you are so easy going at times, you may attract people with more intensity or selfishness because they either want you to help balance them out or may inadvertently try to manipulate your good hearted nature. Take a moment to evaluate your partnerships to make sure your boundaries are heard and respected. These pushy people are reminders for you to assert your independence and say what you really want. You will generally always find success in partnering up with people and those people are very lucky to have you by their side. You are sociable, witty, fun and beautiful. You come correct in every situation and add the perfect dose of happiness to the spice of life.

Body Astrology ProTip: Libra is associated with our lower back, the endocrine system (the hormones), and the skin.  It is essential for our hormones to be balanced. If there is an imbalance anywhere in your body it will most likely come out through the skin like a rash or acne. You may realize you are sensitive to dairy or need iron supplements to stay balanced. Cleansing your lymphatic system through dry brushing and salt scrubs are great ways to keep you in flow.

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