When Venus enters the sign of Virgo you enter the sphere of love through dedication. You are the most well manicured and put together energies in the whole zodiac. You are always on point from your freshly groomed hair to your squeaky clean shoes. We all need to take notes on your beauty regimen. You have such keen awareness into what is aesthetically pleasing. You represent purity and cleanliness. You can tell when there’s a hair out of place. You see the chaos within the art and organize it so it is beautifully sound for the audience. This eye of precision can attract abundance to you through skills in architecture, curation of shows, website creation, critiquing food, dealing with money, editing and anything where you get to fine tune something to create the end product.

As a grounded and practical earth energy, you like to know that your relationship will be beneficial in more ways than just romance. Your love language is one of service. To show your affection, you like to do nice little favors for your partner. Maybe you fill their tank up with gas or pick up their favorite candy bar on the way home from work. You may not always speak in romantic tongues or put on big displays of affection, but your partner is on your mind, and you show them in the ways that count. You like a sense of privacy in love. You would most likely feel a bit uncomfortable to be put in the spotlight of a public engagement or announcement of affection. Instead, you take every day to be consistently there for your partner which is exactly what you would like from them. A peaceful Sunday afternoon love.

You value reliability. You need someone who is true to their word and is not flying by life on a whim. Although, when you attract more whimsical people to you, it is meant to open you up and shake you out of your comfort zone, even if it’s just for a day. Balance is key! You value some good ole well thought out planning. If your partner isn’t the planner in the relationship, you happily take on the role but expect them to stay on course! Your ideal relationship would consist of a routine that includes taking care of each other’s health and well being. Work out buddies is a love language! You may even work very well with your partner and develop a side hustle together. Your love is displayed by helping your partner be the best version of themselves. The “fixer” is also considered the “healer”. Wherever you apply your methodical services, your intentions are to help make things better. Maybe you upgrade their wardrobe or help them strategize to reach a financial goal. It’s good to remember the difference between criticism and assistance. There are only so many things we can control in this world, so use your gifts to maintain your structure while using your patient nature to allow flow if there’s a wedge in the plan. You are the one who knows how to use your clever mind to find the solution!

Body Astrology Protip: Virgo is associated with the digestive system, intestines and spleen as well as its intimate connection to the nervous system. Your stomach is sensitive so be mindful of preservatives, chemicals and processed foods. Your body especially is meant to eat very clean or at least keep up with a dietary routine that works for you so your stomach doesn’t have many surprises. Herbs, teas, detoxes, being mindful of sweets and alcohol are important for you. You have the ability to get creative and put super healthy yet delicious meals together! When you feel anxious or stuck on a mind loop, you must meditate and get to your work out class to move the energy.

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